Moving Into Aged Care

Moving into residential aged care can be an emotional and stressful time for a care recipient and their family. Please follow the steps below in order to make the transition to aged care as smooth as possible:

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    Book a free assessment

    The first step towards moving into an aged care residence is determining if you are eligible to receive care. This step usually involves a member of your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessing the eligibility of the care recipient as well as the level of care they would require. The ACAT will also provide the care recipient or their family members with details of aged care residences in the area if they are eligible for permanent or respite care.

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    Submit a means test assessment to Centrelink

    In order to ensure that a care recipient is charged the current fees by an aged care residence, they should submit a completed income and assets assessment application to Centrelink. Centrelink with conduct an assessment and will advise the care recipient and aged care provider of the fees to be charged. If you choose not to submit the means test assessment, you may be ineligible for government assistance and could be charged the maximum fees by the aged care residence.

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    Visiting an Aged Care Residence

    On receipt of a letter advising approval of eligibility for residential aged care, a care recipient and their family members should visit a few residences to find the most suitable home to meet their expectations. Every residence may have a different environment with different features. Taking into account the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of a care recipient would enable the decision maker to ask the right questions to ensure that the residence they choose is the best fit for their loved ones.

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    Apply to the right Aged Care Residence

    Once a decision has been made of which aged care residence suits the care recipient, an application should be submitted to the residence. As part of the application, the residence will discuss the fees and charges which are applicable to the care recipient upon entry. Once the application has been accepted, the residence will provide a formal agreement detailing the services offered and the agreed costs which are to be paid .

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    Aged Care Costs

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