Our Vision

"Our Vision is to provide a premium care and lifestyle experience for our elderly in a place they can call home."

Our Values – The Four ‘C’s


Our staff understand the needs of our residents and offer personalized care to them in an environment that provides comfort and companionship.


We respect our residents by treating them with dignity and providing happiness in their lives.


We foster and encourage a family oriented setting as well as partner with volunteers and local organisations to enable our residents to enjoy an enriched life.


Our environment is constantly evolving and we are continuously seeking ways to do things better through innovation for the benefit of our elderly.

Our Team

Sam Samuel

Sam has been successfully managing the strategic direction of Samkay Health for the last 3 decades. His focus on growth and stability has ensured that Samkay Health continues to operate successfully.

Kay Samuel

Kay brings with her 42 years of clinical and care managerial experience. She has successfully managed the care of our residents and met and exceeded the accreditation standards of the Department of Health.

Shoba Samuel

Shoba has been effectively managing the operations of Samkay Health since 2006. She has also project managed numerous aspects of Samkay Health’s new residences during their construction phase. She interacts regularly with our residents and family to ensure they have a comfortable stay at Samkay Health.

Shawn Samuel

Shawn has been implementing and managing IT products and services at Samkay Health residences over the past few years. This ensures the integrity and security of Samkay Health’s information systems.

Roshan Varughese

Roshan, a member of CPA Australia, has been providing finance and administrative control to Samkay Health since 2008. He also assists in project management and supports the management team.

Dawn Gopal

Dawn has been working in a clinical role at Samkay Health since 1994. She has accumulated a wealth of experience over the years and is committed to providing clinical care excellence to all the residents under her care.

Our Story

Samkay Health has been formed from the ideals and principles of its founders, Sam and Kay. A 2 person team, Sam and Kay entered the Aged Care industry in 1988 when Kay saw an opportunity to improve on the care provided to our elderly.

Sam and Kay started at Eaglemont Private Nursing Home, a 28 bed home. Even as a new provider, Kay was always commended for the clinical care provided to the residents. Sam and Kay took on aged care as a child which needed to be nurtured to grow and develop. In 13 years, they relocated to the present Grace Villa residence, based in Greensborough. This was later refurbished into purpose built residence for 91 residents.

Being exposed to the aged care industry and the high standards of care provided by Sam and Kay, the children took on responsibilities in various roles in the organisation i.e. care, operations, quality assurance and information technology systems. Led by example, they are taking on the duty of ensuring that Samkay Health continues to strive to provide a premium care and lifestyle experience for the elderly in a place they can call home.

4.7 Stars