Aged Care Respite Services in Melbourne

Aged care respite doesn’t just benefit the person going into temporary or short term assisted living; it also provides relief for the person who typically acts as the primary caregiver, should they have something come up that requires them relinquishing their responsibilities for a short term period. If the carer requires a stay in hospital, has to travel interstate for a family wedding, or simply wants to enjoy some rest and relaxation on holiday, Samkay Health can provide assistance with aged respite care services in Melbourne. With two locations in the north eastern suburbs, we’re proud to offer high-quality yet affordable respite care for elderly people that operates around the clock for the short term period that they stay with us.

What Does Respite Care for the Elderly Involve?

Respite care can take many different forms depending on the nature of the care required. The most long term form is residential respite care, where the client might go into an aged care home for the duration of their carer’s respite (typically a person eligible for respite care will receive up to 63 residential respite days a year).

However, there are also much shorter term aged care respite services in Melbourne. You can choose to use in-home respite, where one of our carers will replace you as carer so you are able to go out for a few hours and get your own things done. This might be once a week or a few times a week, day or night.

If the respite client isn’t the type to stay at home and has an established social routine with friends at a local club or community centre, then centre-based day respite might be a more suitable option. This typically runs from 10am-3pm on weekdays.

For longer term aged respite care, without venturing into ‘long term’ respite care, overnight or weekend supervision may be the best choice. This often involves a carer staying with a host family or in nearby accommodation.

Finally, community access respite operates in a similar fashion to the centre-based day respite option, in that it encourages social interaction and independence.

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Samkay Health boasts world-class respite care in Melbourne across two high-quality residences in the north-eastern suburbs of the metropolitan area. To learn more about our respite care and how we’re committed to giving carers their own time off once in a while, give us a call at either of our premises via the contact details below.

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