Residential Respite Care in Melbourne

As much as anyone would like to be able to say they’re capable of providing the level of care necessary for a loved one at all times, the truth is that everyone needs a break or some time off at some point. After all, how can a person look after another if they can’t look after themselves? This is where aged residential care and respite care services become so important. Offered by the Australian government and service providers like Samkay Health, residential respite care in Melbourne gives the client’s primary carer some much needed time away to relax, recharge and ensure their own life is in order.

Aged Residential Care Options

Typically, there are two key forms of aged residential care services available for carers needing a little time away from their duties: residential respite care, where the carer’s client stays in an aged care facility, or in home respite care services. Both options are intended to operate seamlessly into your existing care routines so as not to startle or confuse the client with any sudden changes to their care management. Deciding which is the most suitable option largely depends on the level of care required for the client as well as the circumstances in which you as carer will be taking time off (e.g. health reasons, overseas holiday, work commitments).

Longer Term Aged Residential Care

The alternative option to in home respite care services is to temporarily relocate the cared for person into a longer term aged residential care facility. This is potentially the more suitable option for those times where the carer is too ill themselves to look after their client, or is going away on holiday. People eligible for residential respite care in Melbourne and across Australia are entitled to up to 63 days per financial year

Samkay Health offers aged residential care accommodation at both of our residences, Grace Villa and Kerala Manor. To learn more about residential respite care in Melbourne, contact us at either of our residences using the details below.

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