Lifestyle Activities in Aged Care

For most residents who move into an aged care facility, the transition does not coincide with a loss of mental and physical engagement with the world. The move may help them to simplify their lives to an extent, but for those who are still capable of remaining physically and mentally active, the relocation simply gives them more time to engage in their favourite leisure and lifestyle activities. Samkay Health understands the importance of regular lifestyle activities in aged care, which is why we proudly offer a great selection of activities to keep minds and bodies active and engaged as part of our lifestyle program.

Why Leisure and Lifestyle in Aged Care is so Important

The importance for older people to keep their minds and bodies active cannot be understated. The two are indelibly connected; a healthy body is essential to having a healthy mind. Both can prevent the onset of a vast selection of degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, with improved bone density (which helps prevent broken bones in old age) and strengthened joints amongst other benefits. Lifestyle activities in aged care provide a structured way in which we are able to deliver these programmes to residents in a safe and beneficial way.

Samkay Health is focussed on ensuring that our residents continue to enjoy being in and amongst our community, as evidenced in our values. As a result, we encourage outings for residents on a regular basis. We have our own minibus that allows our residents to visit parks, restaurants and other outdoor locations for their enjoyment.

Lifestyle Activities on Offer

Residents of Samkay Health’s two aged care facilities Grace Villa and Kerala Manor are able to enjoy a quality selection of structured lifestyle activities; aged care friendly, and all designed to help promote active mind and body. We offer choices such as:

  • Music and recreation therapy
  • Visits to local parks, clubs, restaurants, etc.
  • Spa and beauty therapy
  • Singing and entertainment

Both residences offer additional facilities for relaxation and lifestyle stimulation such as libraries, courtyards with sensory gardens, cinemas, and much more. Visit the pages for each residence to learn more.

If you’d like more information about what’s on offer in regards to leisure and lifestyle activities in aged care, get in touch with the residences using the contact details below.

Grace Villa | Ph: 03 9432 2855 | Email:

Kerala Manor | Ph: 03 8432 5000 | Email: